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Bechdeltestet härstammar från den tecknade serien Dykes to Watch Out For av amerikanskan Alison Bechdel, som i sin tur fick uppslaget till testet från sin väninna Liz Wallace. [2] Testet formulerades i serieavsnittet The Rule som publicerades 1985. Testet kallas på engelska även Mo Movie Measure, [3] efter seriens huvudperson Mo Now theaters in Swedish cinemas have added something new to their ratings system: Whether the film passes the Bechdel Test. Swedish Cinemas To Adopt Bechdel Test Rating | The Mary Sue New Bechdel test) pojam je u filmskoj teoriji koji se bavi pitanjem prisutnosti i uloge ženskih likova u filmovima, ali se može odnositi i na druga dela fikcije. Ovim testom postavlja se pitanje da li se u filmu pojavljuju bar dva ženska lika koji razgovaraju jedan sa drugim, a da pri tome muškarac nije glavna tema njihovog razgovara

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This has nothing to do with the Bechdel test. It is also incorrect as Robin Wright's character, Lt. Joshi, is a police officer. It's set in a dystopian future; expect prostitution, slavery, and villains. (The character Luv is also more of a 'henchman' than a 'slave' Nov 06, 2013 · Movies need to pass test that gauges the active presence of women on screen in bid to promote gender equalit Bechdeltestet. 121 likes. Här kan du dela med dig av dina tips på filmer som klarar bechdeltestet, och dela tips på hur du kan påverka filmbolagen till.. Whether the Bechdel Test is a modest idea, or an idea as great as Newton's Principa — I don't like to say, because my opinion in that way seems impertinant and I'd rather keep it out of the discussion, unless there's a good reason. Of course, the Bechdel Test needs to be a notable idea in some way in order to exist as an article

For a film to pass the Bechdel test it must satisfy three conditions. There must be two named female characters, they must have a conversation, and it must be about something other than men. The Bechdel test came about as a result of a cartoon published by Alison Bechdel in 1985 in her Dykes to Watch Out For strip Be Unique. Shop bechdel test t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality bechdel test t-shirts on the internet

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Bechdel Test Burlesque will offer convention attendees, Seattle burlesque fans, and geeks of all stripes two chances to experience this epic event with shows on Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10 at 7:30 pm at Re-Bar in Seattle (1114 Howell St). Tickets start at $20 for general admission Pass the Bechdel Test. 466 likes. A grassroots campaign appealing to filmmakers to better the representation of women in movies Theaters in Sweden will soon rate films according to the Bechdel Test to measure gender equality. I've written a short script that will pass the Bechdel Test Sure, the Bechdel test is imperfect (Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker doesn't pass, for instance, but you could hardly argue that a female-helmed war movie doesn't empower at least one woman.

The Bechdel Test for Women in Movies feministfrequency. The Bechdel Test is a simple way to gauge the active presence of female characters in Hollywood films and just how well rounded and. Let everyone know how easy it is to pass the Bechdel Test. A stunning shirt to wear to the next all male Women In Comics panel, or hollywood blockbuster. There are less than 14 days left to get one, but that's plenty of time before New York Comic-Con Nov 06, 2013 · Swedish cinemas launch feminist movie rating. You expect movie ratings to tell you whether a film contains nudity, sex, profanity or violence. Now movie theaters in equality-minded Sweden are. Bechdel-testen (engelsk: Bechdel test, Bechdel rule) er en kvantitativ test til vurdering af kvinders repræsentation i værker med dialog, såsom film, skuespil og romaner. En film eller andet værk består Bechdel-testen, hvis to kvinder eller kvindelige karakterer taler sammen om noget andet end mænd Bechdel Test El test de Bechdel, también conocido como test de Bechdel/Wallace o the rule, es un método para evaluar si un guion de película, serie, cómic u otra representación artística cumple con los estándares mínimos para evitar la brecha de género

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Nov 27, 2013 · Anu Koivunen, Ingrid Ryberg and Laura Horak: Swedish screens are challenging the idea that two women talking to each other is diametrically opposed to film qualit The Race Bechdel Test, of course, is based on The Bechdel Test, popularized by Alison Bechdel in her comic from 1985 Dykes to Watch Out For. The original Bechdel Test asks three questions of movies: 1) Are there two or more named women. 2) who talk to each other. 3) about something other than a man

Recently a group of movie theaters in Sweden started grading films based on the Bechdel Test. The test is a set of guidelines popularized by cartoonist Alison Bechdel that is often used to evaluate the representation of women in media O teste de Bechdel pergunta/questiona se uma obra de ficção possui pelo menos duas mulheres que conversam entre si sobre algo que não seja um homem. Algumas vezes se adiciona a condição de que as duas mulheres tenham nomes

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  1. ist. This is Bechdel Test Burlesque. The super-powered byproduct of the intersection of fe
  2. 'The Avengers' does not pass the Bechdel Test. Disney / Marvel The simplest way to evaluate sexism in movies is called the Bechdel Test. To pass the test, which was created by cartoonist Alison.
  3. Sweden's New Movie-Rating System Is Pure Genius. Some Swedish cinemas are introducing a new rating system based on the Bechdel test. In order to receive an A rating, a film must contain a.
  4. Swedish Theaters Now Using Bechdel Test To Rate Films On Gender Bias A group of four movie theaters in Sweden have adopted a new rating system to expose gender bias-if a film passes the.
  5. The Bechdel test questions the assumption that reality is all about the absence of women. Clearly, a lot of people (mostly men) still prefer a reality based on the absence of women or the marginalization of women. We women think, oh, just being half of humanity, that we are a normal presence in the world

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  1. d, I'd like to do a quick and definitive takedown of this Bechdel Test, so that you can move on with your day and do something interesting. Like the title says - movies fail the Bechdel Test for the same reason that reality does. To put it bluntly: Men talk more about ideas; Women talk more about peopl
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  3. What the Bechdel test doesn't tell us about women on film November 14, 2013 2.45pm EST. Stefan The Bechdel test doesn't speak to a question of film form like this one, and so by following.
  4. The Bechdel Test assesses gender bias by measuring the presence of strong female roles. The Shawshank Redemption. Good Will Hunting. 12 Angry Men. of these three critically acclaimed films, not.
  5. ism and gender progressivism.
  6. Nyligen blev det en världsnyhet att fyra biografer i Sverige initierat en stämpel för filmer som klarar Bechdeltestet.Testet ifråga skapades 1985 av den amerikanska serieskaparen Allison Bechdel och är ett enkelt sätt att mäta den aktiva närvaron av kvinnor i en film

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There has been some hubbub this week about The Bechdel Test because a chain of movie theaters in Sweden just launched a rating system based on it.. I was approached a while ago by a group of four Swedish art house cinemas who wanted to call attention to gender inequality in film by Bechdel-testing their repertoire The Bechdel Test, also known as Mo Movie Measure and The Bechdel-Wallace Test, is a method used in media criticism to gauge the degree of representation and development of female characters within a work of fiction, and therefore, any gender bias against women that may be present in it (Skip to 4:46) While there are other scenes in which two females characters hold a powerful conversation (Bianca between her sister Kat later on), if there are films that pass the test based on conversations like this, then the Bechdel test is not fulfilling its own purpose of weeding out powerful female films from weak ones Intressant lista. Bechdeltestet är också alltid skoj, även när man testar på mer moderna Oscar-filmer. Det är nästan vansinnigt hur okontroversiellt Bechdeltestet är i vad det efterfrågar, och ändå misslyckas så, så många filmer med det. Värt att notera innan någon blir arg och säger att tex The test is simple: the movie must have at least two female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. That's it. And yet a LOT of films don't pass even that. Sweden has just started rating its films according to the Bechdel test

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later Bechdeltestet hittades på av en serietecknare (Bechdel) och lanserades i en serie där en lesbisk karaktär hade de tre kriterierna som ett krav på filmer hon kunde tänka sig att se. Folk som läste den serien insåg att förvånansvärt nog så är det väldigt få filmer som uppfyller dessa till synes enkla kriterier Luckily, we've rounded up a list of holiday movies on Netflix that pass the Bechdel Test, in all their predictable, Hallmark-like glory. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Photo courtesy of Imagine. What Is the Bechdel Test? The Bechdel Test, which got its name from the work of comic strip artist Alison Bechdel, is a sort of gauge for female presence in fiction, but (and I should point this out early) it is not by itself indicative of a work that has feminist themes or a positive portrayal of women The Bechdel Test originated in the comic Dykes To Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel, in which a character says she will only watch a movie if it includes at least two women who have a significant.

Bechdel test is damaging to the way we think about film Hollywood's problem with female characters is more complex than the Bechdel test for gender bias would suggest, argues Robbie Colli These are three rules I apply when I go to the movies: The movie has to have at least two women in it, who talk to each other, about something besides a man, recalls Alison Bechdel

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The CW's Monday night lineup goes in on feminism. What Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend reveal about the limitations of the Bechdel tes Does your show pass the Bechdel test? Bend It Like Beckham has been praised on the Bechdel Theatre Twitter account for passing the Bechdel test Nov 07, 2013 · One of my personal favorite Bechdel Test failures - in terms of irony - is that of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Yes, a film that is named after and revolves around the sole protagonist - a woman who. My Little Pony: The Movie was originally scheduled for release in the United States on November 3, 2017, but it was subsequently moved up to October 6, 2017. Theatrically, the film was accompanied by a 5-minute animated short from Hasbro Studios' web series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures The Bridge Initiative: Women in Theatre offers its second Bechdel Test Fest, Friday through Sunday, April 26th-28th, at Tempe Center for the Arts. The festival offerings include a panel discussion.

Nov 12, 2013 · Last week four non-profit movie theatres in Sweden (yes, Sweden again) released a ratings system named after the Bechdel Test. For those uninitiated, to pass the Bechdel Test, a film has to have. In fact, Sweden announced last year that in order for a movie to receive an A rating, it must pass the Bechdel test. Although the turnout at the 2014 Oscars is a step in the right direction - with many strong female personalities honored and celebrated — there are still strides to be made before women have equality on the big screen

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Re: Swedish cinemas take aim at gender bias with Bechdel test rating The Bechdel test is an interesting idea as a discussion starter, but the fact that people are taking it so seriously is a bit of a joke Sexualized Saturdays: If the Bechdel Test Isn't Feminist, What Is? Posted on March 15, 2014 by porluciernagas Recently a group of cinemas in Sweden decided to institute a ratings system based on the Bechdel test The Death of Stalin Nope. Saw Woman at War (icelandic movie about eco-terrorism with a Macgyver/Tomb Raider-esque level of competence and lightness of tone given to the protagonist), where the main actor plays her own twin sister, and they talk a lot throughout the movie It's rather surprising that some theaters in Sweden will boldly exploit gender bias in cinema by publicly posting films' A-ratings as acquired through the Bechdel test, a series of. The Bechdel Test assesses fiction works by following a simple rule of three criteria: (1) it has to have at least two women in it, who (2) talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man

The Bechdel test and the reverse Bechdel test show that it's a lot more common for male characters to be the main focus of a movie than it is for female characters, even when the basic premise of the movie doesn't make this necessary. Again, this doesn't say anything about the individual movies I've been having some fun thinking about the Bechdel test lately, specifically how many of my favorite sci-fi and fantasy films would pass it. To pass the test a movie must (a) have two women in it who (b) talk to each other (c) about something other than a man

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  1. A Bechdel test for music Anna Silman . Sweden explores special labels for sexist video games Imad Khan Guardians of the Galaxy passes the Bechdel test, still fails wome
  2. 7/22/2015 Swedish cinema's use of the Bechdel test is a provocation that works | Anu Koivunen, Ingrid Ryberg and Laura Horak | Comment is free | The Guardian Swedish cinema's use of the Bechdel test is a provocation that works Swedish screens are challenging the idea that two women talking to each other is diametrically opposed to film quality Anu Koivunen, Ingrid Ryberg and Laura Horak.
  3. The fundamental issue revealed by the bechdel test is the imbalance of men and women in societal roles, yet the test itself implies a completely different issue. I'm not saying the CONCLUSION of the bechdel test is WRONG, but the test itself does NOT prove the intended conclusion

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The Bechdel test is often referenced in Hollywood when talking about female representation on screen, and it's also inspired theaters in other countries as a grading tool in an effort to make. Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? It measures just how women-friendly mainstream films and fiction really are using a simple 3 question criteria. Alison Bechdel is an American cartoonist whose graphic memoir Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (this is an excellent memoir, by the way) was adapted as a musical and won a Tony Award for Best Musical.

Imagine if there was a Bechdel Test for men... The Bechdel Test has highlighted the poor misrepresentation of women in cinema. But what would a test that ensures male interests are properly. And the Bechdel Test is a brilliant tool to help us see gender representations, or the lack thereof, in films. Everyone I've ever talked to, even if they already had an analysis of gender and gender representation, has said that the Bechdel Test has helped them to see more fully how movies portray men and women

The major thing that the Bechdel test does well is catch films that completely under-represent women. The first stipulation of the test, of course, is that there must be at least two women in the film, and I don't think that two female crowd members would count as meeting this quota The Bechdel Test, sometimes called the Mo Movie Measure or Bechdel Rule is a simple test which names the following three criteria: (1) it has to have at least. What I don't like about the Bechdel Test is that it says absolutely nothing about a movie's female characters, just that they have them. Hell, Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back passes the Bechdel Test. There are movies and TV shows that don't pass the Bechdel Test that say a shit-ton about feminism and have wonderful representation of woman characters

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The Bechdel test got its name from American cartoonist Alison Bechdel, who introduced the concept in her comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For in 1985. It has been discussed among feminists and film critics since then, but Tejle hopes the A rating system will help spread awareness among moviegoers about how women are portrayed in films Recently, the Swedish Film Institute began sponsoring a movement spearheaded by a number of theaters who are now making use of the Bechdel Test to evaluate their films in order to determine the extent of gender bias in movies. One of these theaters - Bio Rio - noted that many fan-favorite. My Little Pony: The Movie is a 2017 animated musical fantasy adventure film based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which was developed as part of the 2010 relaunch of the My Little Pony franchise by Hasbro

Hollywood is officially out of excuses. Vocativ crunched the numbers, and the highest-grossing films of 2013 had one surprising thing in common: they all passed the Bechdel test. The simple three. The F in F-rating stands for feminist, and Tarquini explains that the rating system came about to support women in film. An earlier version that may have inspired the F-rating is the Bechdel Test, an assessment that simply checks if at least two women have a shared dialog about something other than a male The Bechdel Test. But even as Wendig supports the Marvel ensemble approach, some Marvel movies, like Avengers, have received criticism from female viewers for not passing the Bechdel Test. The Bechdel Test is a reference to a 1985 comic by Alison Bechdel, in which one character says to another that any film she sees in the theater has to pass. I sommar kommer hon till Sverige, troligen göteborgska skärgården, för tio dagars inspelning till sitt nya stora filmprojekt som på franska kallas Eden. - Det blir två filmer om den franska housescenen som kallades french touch, med band som Daft punk I Sverige har delar av filmbranschen börjat med så kallad A-märkning av biofilmer. Det är ett slags feministisk motsvarighet till fairtrade- eller svanenmärkningen som görs på livsmedel. För att en film ska bli A-märkt krävs att den klarar av följande test (det så kallade Bechdeltestet): 1

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Swedish theatres start rating films for gender bias, via the Bechdel test. One cannot help but wonder if the Bechdel test has some stereotypes embedded in its construction The Bridge Initiative: Women in Theatre announces the finalists for The Bechdel Test Fest on September 9th & 10th at Tempe Center for the Arts. All work passes the Bechdel Test: Two female. This was asked somewhat in jest in the (now-deleted) comments to another question I posted, and it got me curious: Do Conan movies pass Bechdel test?They are based on notoriously non-Bechdel-friendly pulp fantasy origins; and seem to be positioned as typical entertain teenage males summer action blockbusters by the studios

Apply online for Jobs at Bechtel - Explore Bechtel Jobs including Construction & Engineering Jobs, Environmental Health & Safety Jobs, Information Systems & Technology Jobs, Procurement & Contract Jobs, and more Beyond 'The Bechdel Test': Film's First Female Character Consultant Interesting and rounded female characters are gleaning critical and commercial rewards, and it is my sincere hope that a change. Feminist-Minded Critical Memes Like The Bechdel Test and Manic Pixie Dream Girls Are Losing Their Powe This essay connects the Bechdel Test and a lineage of feminist and early queer theory to current work on social network analysis within literary texts, and it argues that the Bechdel Test offers.

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Wednesday 8 January 2014 Culture Featured Feminism Film strong female characters: separating strength from the bechdel test Shannon Clarke No comments. Judging by the think pieces, blogs and professional reviews of the last few months leading up to award season, 2013 was a good one for women in Hollywood Lively social commentary. Awesome empowering comedy. Bechdel Test is a smart satirical critique inspired by the Bechdel-Wallace test, which examines gender equality in movies. In order to pass the test, a movie simply needs to feature two named female characters talking to each other about something other than a man The Bechdel Test Proves Hollywood is a Boys' Town Women buy half of tickets, make less than 10 percent of movies. By Nina Burleigh • 11/18/13 2:05pm

Watch the latest international news videos on MSN Malaysia Video The Bechdel Test is actually just a lever, says Michelle Dean, a pop culture writer currently at Flavorwire. It isn't actually a critical test. It's a way of pointing out to people in. The Bechdel Test. My ancient comic strip from 1985 The Rule, which offers a gauge to evaluate movies for gender bias, has in recent years gone a little viral. The rule itself was not my idea, but my friend Liz Wallace's. Nothing I do seems to detach my name from the test though—in accordance with Stigler's Law of Eponymy

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  1. BECHDEL WALLACE TEST. In 1985, the cartoonist Alison Bechdel drew a comic-strip for her series Dykes to Watch Out For in which the 'two women speaking to each other about something other than men' criterion appeared in print for the first time
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  3. Star Trek: The Original Series Bechdel Tested! Recently some movie theatres in Sweden have started rating movies based on the Bechdel Test. Seeing this being spread around the interwebz made me..
  4. You may have heard of the Bechdel test, named after cartoonist Alison Bechdel, who popularized it in one of her comics: A movie or book passes the test if it contains a) at least two female characters, who b) talk to each other, about c) something other than men. It's long been a way to.

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The Bechdel Test, a way to indicate the presence of gender inequality in a movie, was introduced to mainstream culture in 1985 by cartoonist Alison Bechdel in her 'Dykes To Watch Out For' comic, in the episode The Rule. The Bechdel Test's requirements for a movie are simple: 1. It has to have at least two (named) women in it Bechdeltestet. Bechdeltestet (/ˈbɛkdəl/) (engelska: Bechdel Test, Bechdel Rule), även benämnt Bechdel-Wallace-testet, är ett test med vilken en films framställning av kvinnor kan bedömas. Bechdeltestet har sitt ursprung i populärkulturen men används numera även av skribenter i etablerade pappers- och nättidningar Svensk feminist: Jeg blev hånet og kritiseret af Mads Mikkelsen. Den danske verdensstjerne Mads Mikkelsen gad ikke at tale om svensk feminisme med ligestillings-feministen Ellen Tejl The thing is, Mandy, you've got the right idea, but it just needs tweaking a bit, you know? Kyle smiled, encouragingly. Amanda did know. Amanda had been preparing the script for the best part of three months and was finally happy with it

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Sweden Is Launching A New Rating For Sexist Video Games. Like Rated M for maturity, but for misogyny. Last year, the country similarly introduced a feminist rating for movies that passed the Bechdel test Alltså det där med A-märkning av film och Bechdeltestet och så där: I vanlig ordning är jag ganska åsiktslös i frågan. Jag tycker att Bechdeltestet är en enkel och lite humoristisk illustration av hur mycket film de facto ser ut

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  1. Lots of movies have breakups in them. But not all movies with breakups are breakup movies—many are just rom-coms, or dramas where a breakup is a prelude to romance. That's not what this list.
  2. Om någon, för några år sedan, frågat folk i Sverige vad Bechdeltestet var hade förmodligen inte många kunnat svara. Förutom några serie-entusiaster förstås. De flesta hade kanske gissat på att det är något man använder för att uppmäta jordskalv eller ett sätt att upptäcka veneriska sjukdomar
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  4. Researchers say Twitter has a gender bias against women. A research team developed a variation on the Bechdel test that measures whether conversations between two or more people of the same.
  5. The Bechdel test rating is for gender bias in a film To get an A, there needs to be two named female characters who have a conversation about something other than a man

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Notably, both films were made by queer directors—Cheryl Dunye's 1996 The Watermelon Woman and Chantal Akerman's 1974 Je tu il elle. They also represent queer sex very differently. Dunye's scene with Guinevere Turner is heightened in a way befitting the period, with lots of cutting and a. Thelma & Louise, a film that passes the Bechdel test. / Via Pathé Entertainment Movies traditionally warn viewers about profanity, nudity, or violence, but you can't always anticipate a film's gender bias. Sweden is attempting to change that with a new movie rating that highlights sexism in cinema. The Bechdel test got its name from American cartoonist Alison Bechdel, who introduced the concept in her comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For in 1985. It has been discussed among feminists and film.